OneSpace FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the new OneSpace platform.

Why did CrowdSource rebrand as OneSpace?

Rebranding as OneSpace provides the opportunity to own a name that represents our mission to liberate the world from the confines of a traditional work model. As OneSpace, we are expanding the services we offer and the level of sophistication within our platform; we expect these enhancements to allow us to offer solutions to more clients, onboard talent faster and more efficiently, and provide more support and professional development opportunities to our workforce. We carefully planned all aspects of the OneSpace brand to be approachable to clients and freelancers alike.

Why was the name OneSpace selected?

The OneSpace name was crowdsourced. We held a world-wide competition and then carefully selected the new brand name, which reflects our new mission.

OneSpace offers more than just crowdsourcing opportunities. The new features on this platform will allow freelancers to maximize opportunities and be noticed directly by clients.

How will OneSpace be different from CrowdSource?

You may notice our new logo, as well as our updated color scheme, featured throughout the platform. We’ve also been rolling out changes, such as leveling and task training, to enrich each freelancer’s experience. Look for announcements in 2016 heralding exciting improvements to OneSpace Freelancer and the opportunities available to you as a member of our workforce.

How do I log into OneSpace?

The new login page is located at Use the same email address and password you used to log into WorkStation.

If my CrowdSource account was suspended, can I start fresh with a OneSpace account?

No. Suspended CrowdSource accounts cannot be reinstated as OneSpace accounts.

If I am a CrowdSource user, can my account be transitioned onto OneSpace?

All active CrowdSource accounts will transition to OneSpace automatically. Your login credentials will remain the same, and your work history will transfer over.

How do I join the OneSpace as a freelancer?

OneSpace is always looking for new talent. If you or anybody you know is interested in freelancing, it’s easy to create an account and get started here.

How do I receive payment as a OneSpace freelancer?

Payments are made via Verified PayPal accounts. Work that is approved is paid out daily at 9 a.m. CST. 

How can I learn more about what is happening with OneSpace?

We will keep you updated as new features roll out. If you have any feedback for the OneSpace team, please email

Do I have to pay to access OneSpace?

No, there is no charge to access work on OneSpace.

Have you merged with Upwork?

No, we hire people to work on projects through Upwork, but we are not affiliated or owned by Upwork. 

Do I have to bid on work on OneSpace?

No, you do not have to bid on work. The qualification process is the same as it was on WorkStation.