What You Should Do

Be nice. If you wouldn’t want your mom, your child or your Aunt Donna to read it, then don’t say it. Members of the OneSpace community are entitled to feel comfortable and to express their opinions, so it's important to be polite and respect others' thoughts and feelings. Be mindful of the fact that not everyone thinks or feels the same way you do, and show grace during your interactions with other members of the community and members of the OneSpace internal team.

Ask questions and express concerns. If you have a concern about the OneSpace platform or community, the easiest way to resolve it is to ask clear and direct questions. Open and honest dialogue is the best way to find a solution to any problem. Constructive criticism is encouraged and appreciated; however, please remember to express your concerns respectfully.

Spread the knowledge. There's a good chance others in the OneSpace community can benefit from your knowledge and/or personal experience. Don't hold back! Make positive contributions to the community by sharing your insight and know-how.

What You Shouldn't Do

Don’t be creepy. OneSpace does not tolerate obscene, lewd, filthy, abusive, threatening and/or harassing behavior or language geared toward our team members, partners, affiliates or any members of our community.

Don’t disrespect others' privacy. We reserve the right to remove content (where applicable) that contains personal information such as last names, physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Forums are public in nature, so please be aware that even if we remove or flag content, we cannot remove it from Google search results if it has been indexed.

Don’t promote third parties. OneSpace has the right to remove any content that promotes third-party trademarks, services, offerings or brands.

What We'll Do

Monitor community content. OneSpace will attempt to monitor community content in a timely fashion. Community content includes forum posts and messages, emails and support tickets to our internal team, and any other content posted by members of the community.

We cannot guarantee a response to questions posted on third-party websites, social networks, blogs or forums. The best way to address issues with OneSpace is to contact our support team by creating a ticket or emailing support@onespace.com

Please remember that anything posted by others on our social media accounts or forums does not necessarily represent the feelings or opinions of OneSpace.

Listen to your concerns. We will attempt to take all constructive criticism and ideas to task, to find a resolution for every problem, and to continuously improve our processes and platform.

Reward hard work. We will always reward your hard work and contributions by making sure you're paid fairly. OneSpace community members who go above and beyond the normal call of duty also have the ability to earn higher pay and access to more assignments.

Reject poor work. The mantra “hard work pays off” is true. To be fair to those who submit quality work, we reserve the right to reject work at our discretion (with or without pay) if it does not follow the given instructions.

Use these tips to make sure your work doesn't get rejected:

  • Closely read and follow the instructions
  • Proofread your work
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Ask questions if you are unsure
  • Read your feedback