OneSpace is implementing a quarterly performance audit process to ensure all freelancers are meeting the standards required to maintain their qualifications. 

Why is OneSpace conducting qualification audits?
A qualification test is the first step in assessing a freelancer’s skillset. However, once freelancers earn qualifications and start working on tasks, it’s important to regularly evaluate their work to ensure they’re consistently providing the quality that’s required. This is important for two reasons:

  1. As we get ready to release our new SaaS platform, we need to provide clients with specialized groups of freelancers who consistently produce high-quality, reliable results.
  2. As more and more freelancers gain access to work, we need to free up work opportunities for the people who meet our quality expectations and for new people coming in the door.

How does the audit process work?

Every three months, we’ll take a look at important quality metrics to assess both your all-time performance and your performance since the last audit. The exact metrics we use vary by qualification, but examples include:

  • Task rejection rate
  • Task rework rate
  • Assignment bans
  • Total tasks submitted

Based on these metrics, freelancers were placed into these audit groups:

  • Keep up the good work!
  • Good work, but there is some room for improvement.
  • Your work needs to improve to keep this qualification.
  • Your work quality fell below expectations, so your qualification is being removed.
  • Special case where freelancers qualify, submit fewer than two tasks in the qualification group, and then become inactive for at least 6 months.

After every audit, freelancers will receive an email letting them know which group they landed in and what their metrics were for the audit period.

Where can I find the expectations of each qualification?
For every qualification we audit, we’ll create a document that outlines the quality expectations for each group. Here are the standards for the qualifications we’ve audited so far:

If you have questions about the audit process or about your results, please send an email to with “Qualification Audit” at the beginning of the subject line.