There are a few reasons why you might not see any assignments available for you to work on in WorkStation:

1) You haven't earned any qualifications yet. Access to work on WorkStation requires qualifications. Head to the Earn Qualifications page to start taking our skill assessments and earning access to work!

2) You haven't verified your PayPal account. Access to work on WorkStation requires a verified PayPal account. Use the Manage Account page to manage your PayPal account.

3) Our assignments aren't currently accepting new freelancers. We call this a "closed workforce." If an assignment has a closed workforce, only freelancers who have previously worked on the assignment have access.

4) Your work is awaiting review. If you're a Trainee or Beginner on a particular assignment, you'll regain access to tasks once your pending work is cleared.

5) Your access to certain assignments has been removed. Check your email and task feedback to make sure your access wasn't changed on one or more assignments.