Managing Your Account

The Manage Account section allows you to manage your email addresses, password, PayPal account and email preferences. Access your account by clicking on your name or icon in the upper righthand corner of any screen within WorkStation and then clicking “Manage Account.”

The top left module allows you to manage your password. If this section says “Send Instructions,” this means you haven’t enabled email login yet. Clicking “Send Instructions” will allow you to set a password for your WorkStation account. Once you create a password, you can log in with your primary email address and password.

If you already log in using your primary email address, this section will let you change your password.

To receive payments from WorkStation through a PayPal account, you must have a verified PayPal account. The top right module lets you add or change the PayPal information associated with your WorkStation account. To add an account, simply click “Connect PayPal Account.” To change your PayPal account, click the “Change PayPal Account” button, and connect to the desired account. Then log out of WorkStation, and log back in with your updated information.

The Email Preferences section allows you to add or delete email addresses and specify your primary email address. Your primary email address is the one where you’ll receive communication from OneSpace. It is also the email address you’ll use to sign in to WorkStation if you use email login. If you need to resend a verification email for one of your email addresses, you can do that here as well.

At the bottom of this page, you can manage your email notifications from OneSpace. Choose whether you’d like to receive all email notifications, some email notifications or no email notifications at all.
  • Career System Updates let you know when you have earned a new qualification or achieved a new proficiency.
  • Direct Message notifications let you know when others on the platform send you messages.
  • Work Available notifications let you know about the availability of particular types of work, such as writing, editing or transcription.
In the lower righthand corner of this page, there’s also an option to cancel your OneSpace WorkStation account.