Editing and Viewing Your Account

Your Profile provides OneSpace and its clients more information about you, your professional experience and your work preferences. Completing your profile helps you find more work that’s related to your skills and interests. Access your Profile by clicking on your name or icon in the upper right corner of any screen within WorkStation, and then clicking “My Profile.” While portions of the Profile populate automatically, you have the opportunity to customize most of it by hovering over the specific section and clicking “edit” in the upper right corner.

The About Me section at the very top of your profile contains information such as your name, location, website, photo and a short biography. You can also provide an alias, which is essentially a username or nickname. Beneath that, you can list your skills.

There’s also a section for you to detail your professional history, including the company name, your title, your employment dates and a short description of your responsibilities.

The Work Preferences section gives prospective employers information about both the type of work you enjoy and your personal work habits. You can enter details such as your target hourly rate and your weekly work capacity.

On the righthand side of the Profile page is the Activity section. All of the statistics in this section populate automatically. The first box shows how far you have progressed in completing your Profile. Beneath that is the date you last logged in to WorkStation, the date you last submitted a task, and the number of tasks you’ve submitted in the last 7 days. The purple box shows your overall approval rate.

If you’d like to import your profile information from LinkedIn, you can do so in the module below your approval rating. Simply click “Connect to LinkedIn Account,” and we’ll import your biography, title, location and professional history.

In the “Profile Visibility” section, you can control who has access to the information in your profile:
  • “Public” means that your profile is publically searchable on search engines. Anyone and everyone can access the link to your profile.
  • “OneSpace” means that only OneSpace clients can view your profile.
  • “Private” means that only your preferred alias is exposed to clients.
If your profile visibility is set to “Public” or “OneSpace,” you can click the orange View Profile button to view your profile as others see it.

You can return to your profile to edit it at any time. To learn how to get the most out of your profile, be sure to watch our video titled “Making a Standout Profile.”