Using Your Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to WorkStation. It provides a snapshot of your earnings, feedback, saved searches and favorites. To access your Dashboard at any time, open the left navigation rail and select “Dashboard” under “Performance.”

The first box at the top of the Dashboard page displays your total earnings to date. This is the total amount you have earned since you started working for OneSpace. The box next to it, titled “Pending feedback,” lets you know how many of your completed tasks have feedback awaiting your review.

Below that you’ll see your Earnings by Assignment Type. Each section– Earned, Pending Review and Owed – is broken down to show the dollar amounts associated with the different types of assignments. Clicking into the graph in any section takes you to a more detailed Earnings History page for that particular assignment type.

The “Earned” section shows your total paid earnings for a certain time period. By default, this screen shows data for the last 30 days, but you can use the date filters to see your earnings for whatever time period you want.

Next to that is a similar graph that shows the dollar value of your pending tasks. Pending tasks are tasks that are awaiting review and have not yet been approved or rejected.

The Owed section shows you the amount of money we owe you for tasks that have been approved since your last payment. OneSpace payments are issued every morning, so this is the amount you’ll be paid the next day.

Underneath your Earnings by Assignment type, you’ll see an overview of your earnings for the last 7 days. In addition to your total earnings for this time period, you can see a breakdown of how much you earned each day.

At the very bottom of your dashboard, you can access your saved searches and favorite tasks.